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  Car lovers converge on Motown for the Woodward Dream Cruise

By Mary Armstrong
Tell Us USA News Network

ROYAL OAK, MI - The 25th Anniversary Dream Cruise did not disappoint the car lovers at all. Motors roared, tires screeched, people waved and greeted each other as though everyone was a personal friend. The weather was perfect. Woodward Ave. was turned into fantasyland revealing one unique rolling vehicle after another.

We began our adventure with a slow roll in a bright orange convertible 2019 Mustang GT with a black top. The camera man just happened to be decked out in the same colors. Taking off from a traffic light could be related to the smooth deep sound heard when Melvin Franklin of Temptations was singing a Motown song. The vented hood had two sensuous headlight eyes with perfect makeup and the Performance Pact 1 was firm and calm but aggressive at the same time. Ford Motor Company shared many of their beauties including the 10,000,000 white Mustang and a string of beauties to match any personality type.

An impressive sight was the “V” formation of various Ford beauties coming down Woodward Ave. It seemed to be saying ‘Victory and Peace to All’ because some viewers were waving, some saluting and shouting at the awesome slow roll. Words were not needed because everyone had their own personal interpretation.

Age was not a factor in showing love for the automobile. From toddlers to the ageless seniors, all were wowed by the huge selections. Chevy BelAire was well represented from hardtop to convertible. Cadillacs, Packards, Buicks and other long tailed beauties of all descriptions, models and colors paraded along. Many of the old models looked as though they needed an extra-long accommodating parking spaces. Drivers and passengers were dressed to fit the occasion including a Frankenstein.

If you missed this extravaganza, mark your calendar for next year because I’m sure some of the enthusiasts have begun planning already. Detroit is truly the Motor City.





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