NAIAS Co-Chairman Doug North, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Cobo Center General manager Claude Molinari take a behind-the-scenes tour of the NAIAS. (Photo by Montez Miller/Tell Us Detroit)





Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan walks past a Ford race car driver made out of Legos at the Ford display during a behind-the-scenes tour as construction continues on the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit on January 7, 2019. (Photo by Montez Miller/Tell Us Detroit)

  Mayor Walks Through Final Winter NAIAS

By Ellen Chamberlain
Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT - “One last time in the cold,” Mayor Duggan said as he warmly greeted the press waiting to accompany him on his annual walk-through of construction on the COBO Center floor.

The North American International Auto Show has long been the crown jewel of Detroit and a global destination for car lovers. Despite the city’s past economic hardship, the NAIAS has persevered as the standard in automotive showmanship in this hemisphere.

This year’s auto show is expected to dazzle as it has in years past. 30 vehicle reveals are expected, though Detroit Auto Dealers Association representatives remained tight-lipped about which automotive manufactures would debut at this year’s event.

As Mayor Duggan walked the floor, ironworkers, teamsters and carpenters were busy at work. Lexus and Cadillac seem to have technologically driven presentations this year, Toyota will once again feature its Subaru line and Chevrolet is excited to offer more interactive features this year.

Many people are already looking forward to the 2020 growth of the auto show that will feature both the familiar indoor setup at COBO and an additional outdoor experience. The show will be moved to June to best enjoy summer in Detroit.

“This show has an enormous economic impact on Detroit,” Mayor Duggan remarked after viewing this year’s progress. “By and large, people come in the cold, go to the show and go home. I think when you look at June in 2020 you’re just going to see thousands and thousands of people in the streets of Detroit.”

With the auto show’s move to summer, local eateries should see a boost in business. Hart Plaza and the waterfront could also be included in plans, but the mayor did not confirm the extent of the expansion.

Duggan summarized the feelings of countless Detroiters: “For those of us who grew up here it’s going to be a bit of nostalgia – the last winter show.”

Public viewing for this year’s North American International Auto Show will be held January 19 – 27.









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