CES 2020 in Las Vegas opens with major WOW factor

By Mary Armstrong/Technology Reporter
Tell Us USA

LAS VEGAS, NV - Itís that time again when adults rush to Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest in the world of technology. The promise is to provide avenues to solve more problems with artificial intelligence and robotics as well as convenience and entertainment. IOT(Intelligence of Things) promises new buzz because it takes out much of the need for human to human contact. More data can be transferred remotely. The health care industry and agricultural group will be able to do more things remotely. It was stated that 5G could enable digital tools to free up the farmersí time to devote to the many issues being faced. Thatís good news and could mean more interest in farming occupations.

Many groups will benefit from the changes of the improved technology. Travelers will be happy because of less time spent in line for security checks. Connected intelligence will allow more accurate and speedy facial recognition with better accuracy features. Fast food restaurants will be able to focus on voice assistants at the drive-thru. That will allow for faster and accurate service. Gamers will be thrilled at the speed and innovations being proposed. Televisions can be as large as oneís budget will permit.

One of the coolest features mentioned was the possibility of the Uber Elevate Concept. Just imagine being able to hire an Uber that will take passengers above the traffic. The only deterrent may be cost, but if efficiency is your target cost will be minor.

Start-ups have truly entered the building because many have put their imagination into a product for both now and the future. Toyota has already begun plans for an efficient city to operate above and below ground near Mt Fuji. Stay tuned for more excitement as innovations are unveiled and available for now and the immediate future.





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