Women Wearables: Fashion, function or both

By Mary Armstrong
Tell Us USA

DETROIT - As CES approaches, there is great anticipation about the smart technological wearables for females. We like to be stylish while also being efficient about the types of technology that will make our lives more attractively productive as we multitask. If it looks great, is functional and provides information as we move through the many phases of daily responsibilities then the manufacturer will definitely get our attention.

CES is promising to showcase… ‘smart clothing, smart glasses, sleep sensors, activity monitors, wearable patches and jewelry and much more in order to provide information that will make us smart and efficient consumers. Imagine a device that will measure and keep you safe in the sun. This will be critical information for the beach lover. Its stored information could mean the difference between being comfortable in your clothing vs trying to find one that is loose fitting to avoid pain. A Fitbit or smartwatch that is also a unique piece of jewelry makes several less accessories to add in the wardrobe for travel. Less is best is a wonderful motto when packing for travel.

The Wearable Summit promises to showcase female speakers who will bring information about smart clothing fabrics that can help monitor body functions, items with environmental sensing, as well as wearables to help manage stress. You will be kept informed about the new wearables that will make your life as tech savvy and efficient as possible. Answers will be given to the question, “What’s in store for the wearable future? …





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