City reminds families to send details with photos of loved ones lost to COVID-19 by July 31

Hundreds of photos submitted so far, deadline is July 31
City asking families to use online form at
Individuals who submitted incomplete information should resubmit to have their loved one included

DETROIT - Organizers of the citywide Spirit Drive memorial to victims of COVID-19 are reminding families to include full details of their loved one when submitting their photo for inclusion in the August 31 citywide memorial for those lost to the coronavirus.

Because the global pandemic has limited our ability to gather for funerals, the City is holding a Citywide Memorial at the end of August. The City plans to install large photo boards representing Detroit residents we lost along a route on Belle Isle. Families and friends will be able to say goodbye, and the photos will be given to families when the memorial is over.

The deadline for submittals is July 31.

Submittal Process:
So far, several hundred photos have been submitted, although some did not include key details of the individual being memorialized. To ensure that everyone provides all the necessary information so their loved one's image can be included in the memorial, organizers are instructing families to use the online submittal form, which can be found at www.detroitmi.gov/ace.
The form can be found directly at this link.

***Families who may have submitted incomplete information on their loved one previous, should re-submit their information using this upload form before July 31.

As part of it's citywide memorial event on August 31, the City also will honor those who continue to fight in hospitals, medical centers, food banks, homeless shelters and neighborhood groups across the city.





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