Driver Responsibility Fees waived for all Detroiters from October 1

• Legislation waives over $100 million in fees for more than 70,000 Detroiters
• License reinstatement fees also waived until December 31
• More than 1,600 Detroiters received early forgiveness after participating in workforce training

DETROIT - Today, more than 70,000 Detroiters will have their Driver Responsibility Fees waived as legislation from the State of Michigan comes into force, saving city residents over $100 million in unpaid fees.
The City of Detroit launched an early forgiveness program in May, resulting in more than 1,600 Detroiters being able to have their fees waived by completing 10 hours of workforce education through Detroit at Work. That included Detroiters like Sterling Dickerson, a medical screener whose license was restored in July after $2,000 in Driver Responsibility Fees were forgiven.

“Having my license back has opened more opportunities for me,” said Dickerson. “With my new job position I will have opportunities to travel around the country. Having my license reinstated has made that goal even more achievable.”

And from October 1, all Detroiters who lost their licenses due to unpaid Driver Responsibility Fees will have those fees waived automatically and can apply to have their licenses reinstated if they have no other outstanding actions on their license.

“Driver Responsibility Fees have been one of the biggest barriers to connecting Detroiters to jobs and opportunity,” said Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. “Detroiters want to work. With this issue behind them now, thousands of residents will have an easier time getting hired.”

Having a driver’s license is not just an issue for logistics opportunities like truck driving. Detroit is seeing significant growth in skilled trades opportunities, but these jobs often require a license because workers may need to be at a worksite on the east side in the morning and the west side in the afternoon.

Mayor Duggan’s Director of Workforce Development, Jeff Donofrio, was one of a team who testified before the House Michigan Competitiveness Committee in Lansing during fall 2017 in support of legislation to end Driver Responsibility Fees. The resulting legislation was passed earlier in 2018 with broad bi-partisan support.

"We would like to thank Legislators for their across-the-aisle support of this legislation”, said Donofrio. “Many Detroit residents have had offers of employment but could not accept them because their license was suspended, so we are delighted to see this obstacle to opportunity removed.”

Residents whose licenses were suspended for other violations, such as a failure to appear in court or driving on a suspended license, must clear these issues before being able to reinstate their licenses, but these issues will not affect their Driver Responsibility Fees which are waived automatically on October 1. In addition, those whose licenses have been suspended for more than four years will need to retest.

Details about reinstating licenses are available by visiting www.detroitatwork.com/DRF, where contact details are also available for the Michigan Department of Treasury and the Secretary of State.





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