Environmentally friendly water bottle filling stations come to Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

The Mission Statement of the Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority calls in part for providing for the health and welfare of the employees and visitors of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center in an economic and environmental appropriate manner.

DETROIT - In 2017, Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority Commissioners approved a pilot program to test the utilization of water bottle filling stations in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC) and installed several on various floors. Recognizing that hydration is very important for good health the DWJBA noticed many people in the municipal center still drinking from disposable plastic water bottles. In an effort to eliminate this waste, the Authority created an incentive for employees to sign a pledge to stop using disposable plastic bottles.

CAYMC employees are encouraged to join the TAKE THE PLEDGE program and receive free water bottles. The water bottle filling stations pilot program proved successful with more than fifty-percent of CAYMC’s 1,600 employees participating with the goal to achieve one-hundred percent in 2019.

“The DWJBA has distributed more than 800 water bottles and based on the counters located on the filling stations have recorded over 515,000 water bottle fill-ups. This has eliminated 515,000 plastic bottles and at the average cost of $1.00 per plastic water bottle, the program has saved our tenants over $500,000. Other facilities are interested in our initiative,” states DWJBA chairperson Sharon Madison.

CAYMC tenants are given a sports water bottle which goes perfectly with the filtered water filling stations. Currently water filling stations are located on the lower level office tower and floors two through thirteen and by the end of 2019 all floors in both towers will have water bottle filing stations.





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