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  Thanks to all who helped work to eliminate the virus

WARREN, MI - Thousands of people in the USA in 2020 have been hit or affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The disease followed the trail from throughout the world, starting with China, beginning earlier this year.

Translated, it means thousands have died or are suffering in their homes, hospitals, or medical care facilities. We never saw anything like this horrendous disease in our lifetime.

Since this virus hit our nation, and numerous other countries, I do not believe there was such a massive network of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and nursing homes organized to fight the virus we are seeing.

Since then, various locations here in the states and around the world, immediately began working so quickly to stop and eliminate the powerful coronavirus. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands here and around the nation did.

Family, friends, or relatives werenít even able to say goodbye to their loved ones and friends. Families were required to stay in their homes. Later supermarkets and grocery stores were permitted to sell food while some supplies were diminishing.

Thanks go out to the numerous markets, restaurants, Eastern Market area, deli shops, etc. who helped fill the food gap. A big thanks to the management of all the stores and restaurants who were able to provide needed food products, water, paper products and the like. Thanks also to all the major companies who provided products including gloves and face masks.

At the beginning all families were required to stay in their homes. Later, businesses were permitted to sell foods because supply was diminishing in their homes.

A huge thanks goes out to the numerous businesses and store employees who volunteered to help out.

Letís not forget our outstanding news media, whether newspapers, television, radio or whatever they used to report about the virus. Too often, we forget about the huge job the news media performs.

While I realize the coronavirus has not yet been fully eliminated, it has been amazing and miraculous to see everyone working hard to defeat this menace.

Letís also give a big thanks to the medical community, the doctors, nurses, first aid persons, needed supplies and trucks to deliver what was needed of them.

As a personal note, this month I celebrated my 60th anniversary of being a key person involved in the food and beverages industry. . . the retailers, wholesalers, brokers, chain stores, independent operators, colleges and universities, restaurants, etc., and I have never seen consumers across the nation come together as it has. Be sure they get the kudos too.

When this is over, we should hold a massive get together to thank everyone for pitching in. We could not have survived this without everyoneís help along with the local leaders, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and nationally like President Donald Trump and his team, who kept us tuned in to what was happening.

In conclusion, a big THANKS to all the medical community and individuals who are helping to beat this virus. . . the business community, various restaurants, and businesses who stepped up to help Ėthe colleges, the cities, the states, wherever they are from, letís give them a big hug!

We are happy to announce that our 38th annual Metro Detroit Youth Day will be held on July 7, 2021.

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