AR/VR, 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Homes and IoT brings CES 2020 to a triumphant climax

By Mary Armstrong/Technology Reporter
Tell Us USA

LAS VEGAS, NV - The lights have dimmed, displays dismantled and people are going to other places than the LAS Convention Center. CES 2020 is over. The ending came with a bang after touring the Delta airlines amazing displays. Imagine being able to have your flight itinerary tailored just for you and only you can see it on the massive display screen. It sounds like a movie, but coming to Detroit Metro will be Parallel Reality. Each passenger will check in more efficiently with the special app. There is the possibility of being linked to Lyft showing the conditions of your flying schedule on the Delta app from your home departure to your actual seating on the plane.

Once checked in, each personís individual information will be displayed on the screen above. Though everyone is looking at the same screen, only each individual will be able to see their own personal information. This technology promises to be non-invasive. Oneís particular language can also be displayed. It sounds a little strange but it is actually true. After comfortably settling in your seat, you can enjoy wireless entertainment.

No worries because your baggage is a little heavy. The baggage handler had some assistance from a machine to help with loading. Thatís good news because maybe your baggage wonít get as many scratches and dents.

Arriving at your destination could have all of your arrangements taken care of through the assistance of the digital concierge. The digital world promises to get better and better. Dreams have been made into reality in many arenas. Just stay tuned and look for the many conveniences that will enhance our lives.





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