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Allsop stays on trend with Gaiam fitness tech accessories

Bellingham, WA - Allsop Inc, was excited to showcase their expanded line of Gaiam KhelaSport fitness tech accessories at the recently completed CES 2015 in Las Vegas. As an official Gaiam licensing partner, Allsop is bringing to market 3 new products building upon the success of their previous Gaiam products.

New for second quarter of 2015 is:
KhēlaSportTM Belt
KhēlaSportTM Hand Wrap
KhēlaSportTM Armbands

Using exclusive, top selling Gaiam designs, these fashionable wearable fitness tech accessories are aimed at keeping active people comfortably and effortlessly connected to their mobile device, while working out.

“Showcasing these Gaiam products at CES 2015 confirmed for us that Allsop is on-trend and relevant in today’s world of rapid technology expansion and the need for wearable mobile accessories” said Johanna Zahner-Farrell, Product Manager for Allsop. “Fitness and health awareness is an important and growing segment of the marketplace, with huge growth for technology accessories in this area.”

Constructed with comfortable, wear-resistant stretch fabrics and adjustable straps for an optimal fit, each of these products incorporates a clear viewing window allowing for easy touch screen access. This line of Gaiam fitness tech accessories comes in two different sizes, designed to accommodate iPhone 5S/6 and Samsung Galaxy Alpha/S5 mobile devices. Paired with our Gaiam KhelaSport Water-Sweat Resistant Behind the Neck Earbuds, workout enthusiasts have the perfect audio bundle that does not compromise on comfort, style or sound quality.

Learn more at You can find our current Gaiam products, along with other Allsop products, online in our Amazon Store and coming online soon at




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