CES 2018 – Samsung Smart Technology roll-out

By Mary Armstrong
Tell Us USA News Network

LAS VEGAS - Samsung came on with a bang at CES 2018. It plans to spare new limits with its “Intelligence of Things” that will show off its ability to compete in all smart areas, not just phones. Alexa and Google will have competition with the voice assistant called Bixby. Home appliances and televisions will be able to use this assistant in quite unusual ways.

Imagine bringing home your new Samsung modular TV called “The Wall” and programing it with your phone. One step better is that you can configure your new TV toy to whatever size you want up to an amazing 146” version. The next best part is that you can ask Bixby to search your favorite shows while relaxing in your favorite spot.

The Notebook 9 Spin laptop has 360 degrees turn capability with an attached concealed pen is an amazing 2lbs that can convert into a sleek IPad. Accompany that with an intelligent whiteboard controlled by your smartphone will certainly make a huge impression at your meeting as you show off your efficiency.

Home appliances such as the Family Hub Refrigerator does amazing things such as Bixby recognizing voices to give itineraries, tell contents of fridge and much more. The intelligence shown by the many aspects of the living from appliances to cars is exciting and promises to make one’s life comfortable far beyond the usual the norms of today.





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