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First digital car key offers old ideas with new technology

By Claudia Lugo/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT, MI - This winter Keyfree Technologies of Toronto will launch what they say is the world’s first digital car key solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in La Vegas, NV, taking place in January.

The product will be a digital replacement for the physical car keys which are stored on your smartphone. In addition the system also provides a platform to incorporate other features currently on the market, such as vehicle tracking, diagnostic monitoring and remote starting.

The keyless system involves a small device installed within a vehicle that connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth technology.

The key is now in your phone, just like your camera, your maps and your calendar. And with military-grade encryption, the product  is far more secure than current key fob technology.”

With a digital key, your car automatically unlocks as you approache. The car can then be started with a push-to-start button. Users can share digital keys with family or friends through the Keyfree app, and users can set customized restrictions or revoke keys instantly.

The company says the system allows a user to leverage the power of smartphone technology to connect with their car seamlessly through one device. With the Keyfree app, users can view car location, usage history, vehicle diagnostics and engine fault notifications. For older vehicles, the platform allows consumers to seamlessly add on features such as remote starting or hands-free dialing.



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