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Parenting after technology, a new father's point of view

By Gui Pierri/Tech Writer
Tell Us USA

DETROIT, MI (Tell Us USA) - The digital age! How amazing is to live this moment, I am not reading the changes in a book (The same book that have been squeezed in to a flat screen device), I am actually living the moment while things happen.

To be honest I thought I had seen many new things and had no idea on how I was entering a new world. I am a new dad! Be a parent in the times of technology for sure is more fun that my parent’s time, times are extremely different today from in previous generations, right?

I do not actually remember details of when I was a baby for obvious reasons, but I know for fact that now I have an army of solutions to face this new delicious time of being a parent with fun tools.

I wonder, how my parents would know if I was ok in cradle all by myself in the dark during their time? Well, they would probably stay beside me all night, right? Probably they wouldn’t sleep at all. But now, how cool is to be able check every time I want on my cute daughter with a baby video monitor and have the capability to soothe my little one by just talking to her in a distance. Night vision is not only for special agents anymore, I can get a clear image of her in the darkest hours.

Wi-Fi Video Monitors like the Drop Cam Pro gives us the ability to see the baby from home or away at work or travelling in a very simple way.

She is not crawling yet, but imagine when she starts to walk and run? I believe one of the biggest fears of new parents are missing your kids in giant events or big parks, right? I just found out that, there is no more built-in limitations for baby gadgets; imagine a solution like the The Tile App GPS Tracker that offers you a real-time outdoor tracking and indoor navigation capabilities through a small GPS tile that can be attached to almost any item. Well that exists!

From monitor your baby’s heartbeats and kicks, little pajamas that monitors pulse, breathing rate, heart rate and even body position…..I wonder, how much technology should be allowed in our lives, but the truth is that pretty soon the little ones will be interacting with today’s amazing gadgets and we can’t prevent that.

What we should do is embrace technology that connects to our kids and that helps our daily tasks, but never forget the balance between the digital and the real, tell an amazing story reading out of portable device, hug, squeeze and play with them. Independent of what is the way we interface, what we should value is how our life is connected in all aspects!



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