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By Mary Armstrong
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LAS VEGAS - It’s that time of year again when it feels like Christmas has been extended for adults. That time when one’s eyes light up and move from one exciting object to another to find out what has been done to make life more interesting, engaging and fun. Some ideas are truly revolutionary while others cause one to pause and try to assess whether or not the idea would enhance the quality of life and make the mundane more appealing. Most humans love experimentation and change. DIFFERENT means BETTER or does it just appear to be?

The first fascinating vehicle to caught my attention was the BYTON. Its technology was like a James Bond movie. The keyless entry is done by using facial recognition. You are then ready to just swipe your fingers to get everything moving.

Keep in touch by communicating with everyone through your personal contacts seamlessly. The data security is being presented as state of the art. If there is the slightest hint of an issue it will be detected by Smart Diagnosis.

Trip Planning can be done by matching your interests and fitting activities within your schedule.

The Byton K is being planned for market this year for a starting price of $45k. You can get an 80% electric charge in approx. 3 min. to send you on your journey.

“Think Mechanically > Think Digitally”.

You can be the proud owner of this smart looking ‘ride’ that has the look of a sleek SUV.

For the man looking to get a nudge that it is time to move because he has been lounging on the sofa too long
that last bite of steak, potatoes and gravy was a bit much
the workout planned for yesterday did not happen, the answer may be the WELT.
This is the belt that does the assessment then gives a gentle nudge with data to get moving. This smart belt is being noted as the World’s First Smart Belt.
Imagine that familiar necessary accessory doing double duty.

The 2019 CTA Consumer Tech Forecast predicts the total U.S consumer tech industry retail revenue will reach record high - $398 billion.

Smartphones +2% $80 billion revenue
Smart Speakers +7% $3.2 billion
Smart Home +17% $4.6 Billion revenue Televisions (4K Ultra HD) +8% $16.4 billion
(8K UHD) $545 million
New In-Vehicle Tech +9% $17 billion revenue Smartwatches +19% $4.7 billion
Drones +4% $1 billion Streaming Services +25% $26 billion

Wow! This is a tremendous forecast. Are you ready for the big changes coming our way?
Last 30 years were spent connecting people. Next 30 years will be spent connecting things.





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