The Hartford Social Justice Conference present Tracy Martin (father of Trayvon Martin) and Jacob Blake, Sr. (father of Jacob Blake) as guest speakers

By Laydell Wood Harper
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DETROIT - Peaceful protests have continued every weekend since the death of George Floyd. The Protesters are young, old, black, white and brown, and from every background. Contrary to what has been publicized, CNN reports that the protests have been 93% peaceful. The findings by the US Crisis Project, released last Thursday totally contradict claims that the Black Lives Matter movement is the cause of violence and property destruction.

Peaceful Justice Protests have become frequent and ongoing after the televised death of Floyd that ignited this movement. The nation watched in horror as a police officer held his knee on George Floyd’s neck as spectators videotaped the incident. Everyone that has been killed at the hands of police, and there have been many, has a family that loves and cares about them; a mother, father, husband or wife. They all had loved ones who are still grieving their loss.

Rarely do we have an opportunity to speak with family members of those injured or killed by police officers after they are out of the lights and cameras of the media.

Hartford Memorial Baptist Church (HMBC), Social Justice Ministry will host a Free Virtual Conference on Friday, October 16 from 6-8 pm with keynote speaker Tracy Martin (father of Trayvon Martin) and Saturday, October 17 from 9am-12pm with keynote speaker Jacob Blake, Sr. (father of Jacob Blake).
Jacob Blake was shot in the back multiple times by Kenosha, Wisconsin police officers in August. He is now paralyzed and still receiving medical treatment. The shooting was captured on camera. His father Jacob Blake, Sr. has started an online GoFundMe page to help pay medical and legal bills. He has been very outspoken about the shooting.

Young Trayvon Martin was a suspected thug by a security guard because he was young, black and wore a hoodie. He was pursued and shot down like an animal in the street. The fact that Trayvon had no criminal record, was a good student, an athlete, and died with a can of Iced Tea and skittles in his hand helped to illustrate his innocence. And just to pour salt in our festering wounds that we deal with on a day to day basis; we are reminded of our own venerability. We are all Trayvon Martin, anyone that has been treated unfairly, improperly judged, harassed and hounded, belittled and degraded or hated could be Trayvon Martin.

“We have the families at Hartford that have inspired the modern-day civil rights movements,” said Rev. Charles Christian Adams, Pastor HMBC.

“Mr. Martin’s son was killed by a vigilante, and Mr. Blake’s son was shot by a police officer, but the root cause of the incidents is the same, hatred, racism and a false concept of the American spirit.”

Rev. Christian Adams continues, “Our greatness comes from our inclusion not exclusion…building up not tearing down…looking out for the least of these…not leaving them behind. They are the voices that inspired a new generation to re-evaluate our priories and policies and we are proud to welcome them to HMBC.”

This is a FREE Virtual Conference: Meeting ID: 946-324-0430, Password: 017344, Phone Dial-in # +253 215 8782

Hartford Church is well known in the community for its long history of giving back to the community and bringing national iconic figures to Detroit; Rev. Jessie Jackson, Attorney Benjamin Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton and others. Hartford also has a Drive through Food Pantry that operates every Wednesday. Last Wednesday the church fed more than 534 people. The church recently became a COVID-19 Testing site for the Coronavirus. For more information

Visit the Hartford website www.hmbcdetroit.org or call (313) 861-1285. Event Media Sponsor: Tell Us USA News Network





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