Westland Mayor Bill Wild to run for Michigan’s 13th District Congressional seat

Detroit– February 20, 2018 – Westland Mayor Bill Wild today announced his candidacy to be the Democratic nominee for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District seat.

Mayor Wild views the vacant congressional seat as a call to service and will bring to Congress more than 20 years of experience as a public servant whose hard work, shared values and energy will ensure that Washington D.C. works for everyday people of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District.

“When the legendary Dean John Conyers stepped down from his seat, our communities lost an institution of public service. I believe my work ethic, energy and proven track record of getting things done are what everyday families in the 13th Congressional District need now,” said Wild.

As a native son of the 13th Congressional District, Wild was raised with the values of a family working hard to get ahead. As the mayor of Westland, Wayne County’s fourth largest city, Wild served with integrity and built an impressive record of success with forward-looking policies and initiatives:

• Investing in the quality of life of senior residents by boosting senior transit availability and establishing a partnership between Wayne County Community College District and Westland to provide Lifelong Learning Programs right in the city.

• Implementing the "Wild about Youth Works" jobs program that gave hundreds of local young adults an opportunity to get their first job and experience in interviewing, resume tips, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship training.

• Implementing a comprehensive LGBTQ anti-discrimination policy ensuring fair access to housing, employment and other services and opportunities.

• Creating the “Passport to a Healthy City” Program focused on advancing innovative programs to empower citizens to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. This program has quickly gained notoriety, making Westland one of the most progressive communities in the state of Michigan.

• Establishing the "Westland Mission: Green!" initiative, a local program designed to promote sustainable living while also encouraging citizens to incorporate environmental best practices into their daily lives, boasting one of the highest participation rates in the state.

• Successfully designating Westland a "Compassionate City" by making the city not only a healthy and environmentally sustainable place to live, but a humane, friendly one as well.

• Attracting more than $200 million in new investment to Westland’s business district.

• Delivering balanced budgets for the past 11 years and growing the city’s rainy-day fund to $6 million while raising the city’s bond rating.

“For nearly two decades, I’ve been bridging the gap between the needs of our neighborhoods and federal policies and dollars. We can do better! We must keep Congress focused squarely on the issues that matter like rebuilding our infrastructure, access to affordable quality health care, excellent schools for our kids, and to good-paying jobs and opportunities,” Wild said. “I know we can all work together to achieve a better quality of life, not just for today but for our future; and not just for the 13th District, but for every American.”

To learn more about Mayor Bill Wild and start working to bring the 13th District back to Washington, visit www.billwildforcongress.com





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