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Photo by Montez Miller/Tell Us USA News Network

CMC PROMOTIONS: Boxing with a cause at the Lexus Velodrome

By Micah Cummings
Tell US Detroit Sports

DETROIT - Walking into the Lexus Velodrome, the atmosphere is lively with lights bouncing off the Velodrome walls. There was memorabilia of some of the best athletes and teams to ever play in Michigan. Also there was music playing, people were at the bar, a banked bicycle track, and the main attraction of the night, a boxing ring. It was a Saturday night to remember in Detroit for one of boxing’s biggest charity events.

Detroit is known for its rich history of boxing. There are so many icons like Joe Louis, Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns, Emanuel Steward, and Alvin “Blue Lewis” that have created amazing boxing legacies in the heart of Motown.

Entrepreneur, founder of Team Hands-On Boxing Gym, and President of Chances Make Champions (CMC) Promotions, Dequan Marion is looking to make his mark on the Detroit boxing scene. But Marion isn’t just focused on the sport of boxing, he’s looking to uplift the community.

According to a press release, This championship boxing charity event featured, “The Ride against Human Trafficking”. This professional cycling race held during intermission will raise funds to support the Salvation Army anti-human trafficking initiative. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our community partner, The Salvation Army to support the fight against human trafficking.

Marion said: “This charity event means the world to me, we’re actually bringing awareness to one of the most talked about subjects in the world right now. This is also our first kickoff event for the promotion company so we can showcase the amateurs and professionals. Detroit is known for boxing so the goal is to bring boxing back to the city and highlight it.”

Sharon Tatom Garcia, Director of Communications for the Salvation Army, a first time visitor at the Lexus Velodrome expressed how she appreciated the support from Team Hands On Boxing.

“It’s amazing that Team Hands On Boxing chose the Salvation Army and the cause of supporting anti-human trafficking,” said Garcia. “We are so grateful for this opportunity.” “We have never been involved in this event, but it was Katrina Turnbow from Team Hands On Boxing that attended the educational event, that the Salvation Army put on in March. To educate people on the signs and statistics around human trafficking in Michigan. The event led them to want to do more, so they invited us to participate and be the beneficiaries of some of the proceeds.”

Walking throughout the venue, it was a sight to see all the boxers getting prepared for battle. Team Buck’s Davion Wilkes is a featherweight amateur fighter, that has been boxing for over six years now.

Wilkes said he loves fighting and putting on a show for the fans. “This cause means a lot because I’ve seen news coverage of kids being sold and missing and I don’t like it. I got a kid of my own, so anything that could help this cause I’m down for supporting.”

Another significant boxer is professional super welterweight, Antonio Wade and boxing is in his DNA. “I’ve been boxing all my life,” said Wade. “It’s a family thing from my grandad on both sides, my dad, my uncles, and my brothers. We all fought, I’m just the one that stuck with it.” Wade said: “ I saw this as an opportunity for a good cause, to get back in the ring and I hadn’t fought in about a year in a half. I feel like it’s not enough awareness on human trafficking, especially something that is way to common in the United States. People are coming up missing from their families and I feel like it has to be discussed more. Something has to change and thats exactly why I support CMC Promotions and this cause.”

Wade has a gym of his own with his dad Erskine Wade called Norwayne Boxing gym.
Wade made his first appearance back in the boxing ring with a victory last night as the co-main event.

Boxing fans should get ready, the momentum and excitement for boxing is back on the rise for the city of Detroit.

Marion said: “Working with the youth and giving these kids a chance means everything.” “When your from the inner city, kids don’t go across eight mile, it’s a stigma about going across eight mile. So when you give kids a platform to travel the country maybe once a month, now you really changing lives. We have some kids in our program thats been to more states than their parents. We have interns that we deal from the University of Michigan, so we like to connect with the youth and even older, to eight years old to infinity.”



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