Pistons' Blake Griffin looks for room around Thunder's small guard Jerami Grant in the second quarter. (Photo by Montez Miller/Tell Us Detroit Sports)







  Oklahoma City Thunder end Pistons winning streak, 110-83

By Abriana Walton
Tell Us Detroit Sports

DETROIT - Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Detroit Pistons in a dispiriting game,110-83.

Both teams approached the game on a level playing field. The Detroit Pistons came off of a seemingly invigorating win against the Golden State Warriors defeating them 111-102 in overtime, resulting in their 5th back-to-back win. The team entered this game hopeful to make it their 6th consecutive win.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were also fighting hard to maintain the teams winning streak from their most recent 124-109 victory against the Atlanta Hawks. In that game shooting guard Alex Abrines made Thunder history and a career high of 7 3-pointers. The momentum of their previous game carried over into to this contest against the Pistons.

At the beginning of the first quarter the competitors were neck and neck and tied very early on in the game. However, the Pistons struggled to take the lead. They were down by 5 points within the first 3 minutes of the game. Oklahoma City Thunder’s 85% free throw average helped them maintain their lead along with a strong performance by OKC center Steven Adams who was the teams top scorer and racked in a total of 21 points. Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin both delivered fairly early in the game but the team still entered the second quarter down by 9, 26-17.

The Pistons stayed down by at least 10 points the entire first half of the game and never seemed to recover. Oklahoma City Thunder’s strong defense made it a challenge for the Pistons top scorer, Griffin, to get ahead in the second quarter. Adams and Russell Westbrook repeatedly plowed through Detroit’s defensive line. They entered halftime Pistons 40, OKC 50.

Oklahoma City Thunder Coach Billy Donovan said their defense really helped secure the win.

“Russell did a good job of getting us in offense early,” Donovan said. “I felt we got ahead of their defense in transition and just played with good intention and focus throughout the course of the game.”

After halftime, dejected Pistons fans began calling for more defense and appeared to have been let down my the end of the teams strong season start. They started off the third quarter showing promise of a recovery with 3 offensive rebounds.

Donovan said OKC lost their stride in the beginning of the 4th quarter but eventually reclaimed the game.

“In the second half they started to move around a little bit more. Drummond got us one time in a layup underneath the basket,” Donovan said. “But our guys did a really good job of covering for each other, they didn’t allow anyone to get inside the teams defense.”

The Pistons face the Philadelphia 76er Friday, December 7th at Little Caesars Arena.





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