Detroit Pistons guard Langston Galloway celebrates after he makes a 3-point basket in the second half of the Pistons' 131-108 win on Sunday, March 10, 2019, at Little Caesars Arena.  (Photo by Montez Miller/Tell Us Detroit)






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  Pistons prevail in second consecutive win against Chicago Bulls, 131-108

By Abriana Walton
Tell Us Detroit Sports

DETROIT — The Chicago Bulls lost in a rematch against the Detroit Pistons Sunday afternoon, 131-108, on Daylight Saving to an energetic crowd at Little Caesars Arena.

Coach Dwane Casey said the early game was an added challenge that the players had to face.

“I was concerned about the early start,” said Casey. “I think it’s a great day for kids but a noon start it’s just - NBA body clocks are all out of wack but I thought our guys responded pretty well.”

The Pistons also beat the Bulls, who are 19-49 in the Eastern Conference, in Chicago on Friday. Sunday’s win makes Detroit’s record 34-31.

The Pistons dominated the second half of the game and were up at least 20 during the entire fourth quarter. Several of the Pistons bench players were able to play in the second half.

Rookie Khyri Thomas made the game free throw, and finished with 7 points. Langston Galloway was one of the teams top scorers. He tied Reggie Jackson for 21 points, and is 12-for-12 for three-pointers in the last three games.

Coach Casey commended Jackson and the other players for their improved confidence in shooting the ball.

“Reggie has a gate about him when he comes off the pick and roll that off rhythm,” said Casey. “He comes off he hesitates and goes. Our bigs are doing a great jobs at screening. Andre is doing a great job at screening, Blake and Thon is also.”

Thon Maker is a new addition to the team that has proven to be a powerhouse defensive player. With Makers 7-foot-3 wingspan he blocked several of the Bulls shots, assisted in 6 shots, and finished with 3 points.

Blake Griffin (28 points-6 rebounds-5 assists) got most of his points in the third quarter. He and Andre Drummond were a dynamic duo with back to back points and assists. Drummonds alley oop dunk in halfway through the period sparked the Pistons 10 point lead that they held onto for the rest of the game.

After halftime the 19,356 fans in the stands were confident in the Pistons performance and were very vocal.

“I think the last three or four games we’ve noticed a difference in the crowd for sure,” said Griffin. “The lower bowl is a lot more full, even the upper bowl, so we’re going to keep playing in a way we know that will make those fans proud.”

Pistons fans can watch their next game Monday at 7:30 p.m at Little Caesars Arena against the Brooklyn Nets.





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