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Wayne County Online Property Auction Registration Now Through Sept. 9, Bidding starts Sept. 16

More than 14,000 Properties Up For Auction, A 15% Increase From 2010

DETROIT - Over 14,000 parcels of property will be offered for purchase as Wayne County Treasurer Raymond J. Wojtowicz conducts the second annual online auction for tax foreclosed properties. “Foreclosure is the last resort when taxpayers will not or cannot pay their property taxes. If foreclosure is necessary I am required by state law to sell the property and will do so this year again online,” explained Treasurer Wojtowicz.

Residential and commercial properties to be sold are located throughout Wayne County. The record number of auctioned properties represents an increase of more than 15% compared to last year. As in 2010, Bid4Assets, the online auction service provider, will conduct the auction. There will be no auction activities at the office of the Wayne County Treasurer.

Auction dates are September 16 through September 22. To be eligible to bid for properties, those interested must register by paying the required deposit and filing the necessary information at www.Bid4Assets.com. Auction registration is now open and must be completed by September 9. Those without computer access should call 1-877-4-Assets (1-877-427-7387) for information on how to register and bid. Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as a list of auction properties are available at www.treasurer.waynecounty.com.

All bidders must register by submitting a $1,035 deposit which includes a $35 processing fee with Bid4Assets. Should a bidder be interested in bidding for more than one property, a deposit of $5035 is required. Payment must be made by Cashier’s Check or wire transfer. All deposits will be returned for non-winning bids.

“By law the minimum bid for properties in the auction must include the unpaid taxes together with penalties and interest, and the cost of the foreclosure process. It is our goal to collect enough funds to continue supporting essential county services such as police and fire protection as well as schools for our children,” Treasurer Wojtowicz noted.

“In conducting the auction we made sure that the process is accessible to everyone who wants to participate and to increase much needed revenue for our local communities. We truly hope that the people of Michigan will buy the Wayne County properties and help shape the future of Michigan. This represents real investment, real ownership, real Michigan at work,” said Wojtowicz.