AT&T Lights Up 5G for Consumers in Detroit

5G Service Now Available for Consumers and Businesses on the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

DETROIT - Detroit-area consumers and businesses are now among the first in the country with access to the AT&T* 5G network. Consumers and businesses across the Detroit-area can now access AT&T’s low-band 5G network using the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G.

“I’m thrilled that our customers in the Detroit-area get to be among the first to experience AT&T 5G,” said David Lewis, President, AT&T Michigan. “We plan to rapidly expand our coverage and we’re on track to offer nationwide AT&T 5G service in the first half of 2020.”

AT&T customers can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G in Detroit-area AT&T stores or online at att.com/GalaxyNote10Plus5G. For a limited time, customers can get the device for as low as $350 when purchased on a qualifying device installment plan, with eligible unlimited plan and trade in.

5G technology in Detroit

With today’s introduction of AT&T 5G to Detroit, we now offer two types of next generation technology – 5G and what we call 5G+, to best serve different applications and customer needs.

• 5G initially offers broad coverage for consumers and businesses over low-band 5G. This service is ideal for mobile customers who need performance while on the go.

• 5G+ offers extra speed and capacity over high-band 5G to serve high-traffic areas and places like arenas, campuses, venues and more. It is currently available for businesses and collaborators in parts of Detroit who are exploring new ways to unlock the significant performance capabilities of 5G+.

Detroit-area customers who travel outside our available 5G coverage area with a compatible 5G device will have confidence in knowing they will still be able to connect to the nation’s best and also the fastest network on AT&T 5G Evolution and LTE. In fact, LTE customers in Detroit are already benefitting from the upgrades we’ve made to our network while preparing it for 5G. We offer 5G Evolution (areas with optimized LTE technologies) in over 550 markets today and it offers customers speeds up to twice as fast as LTE.X

If you’re a business, contact your AT&T account manager or visit our business digital portals to learn how you can take advantage of our live 5G network.

For more information on AT&T’s 5G leadership you can check out att.com/5GNews.





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